Hollywood Has Prejudiced Our Perception Of Robots

Advancement of Artificial Intelligence is worrying a lot of people lately. You may ask why? This is partly due to Hollywood, and partly, due to result of lack of knowledge. We have seen Terminator and other movies while growing up and seeing something like that does create its impression on our minds. Even if we know it isn't possible in reality, we tend to fear it. We fear what we do not know. We do not want AI robots overthrowing us. Sure, it will not be as violent as the Terminator series or any other action sci-fi movies.

Terminator Artificial Intelligence Robots from SkyNet
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There are many areas where a machine can help us – maybe through its processing power or some physical capability (naturally). Then what do we have to fear? It is possibly the thought of them replacing our roles, jobs and other critical needs in our lives. Ideally, one should be thinking of AI as a support, but we tend to fear it more than we embrace it in our lives. Amid the recent privacy concerns about firms collecting data, we do not want an AI problem. One can turn a blind eye to such things until we are not aware of it. However, once a group of people starts acting as a source of paranoia, everyone follows. This is the case of Hollywood as well. The writers try to channelize the absolute worst if we are not careful with AI development.

AI is not a threat unless we allow it to be
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In the movie Ex Machina (Spoilers Ahead), the robot is put through the Turing Test with a human subject. The human subject is like a mouse with a smarter mouse. The AI humanoid makes him believe of all kinds of evil sub plotting in the testing facility. The human subject has to test the lifelike conscious humanoid for the Turing Test. The robot passes by manipulating the guy into not believing anything he or the facility owner says. The point here is, the AI was smart enough to trick the guy in ways one cannot describe in a short time.


"Her" was one such movie showing how an AI chatbots/OS replaces a person's want for a life partner. If we have anything to fear from AI taking over any sector of our lives, it is our morals. It is our faculty of logical reasoning, and not forgetting who and what we are. We do not have to give in to our fears and not use AI where it is required. We have to be cautious of where, how and why to apply it. Like the saying goes, excess of anything is detrimental. If we wish to develop a conscious AI, we have to be careful of making it capable of different tasks. As long as we are careful in its development, we are securing our future against possible moralistic risks - risks like AI influencing our biological needs, our willpower and our humanity. These are the only things that we need to take care of while developing such an advanced technology.

The characters of Ex Machina
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